UPDATE as of Fall 2022: Kitchen Share NE has been in transition and is wrapping up its life as an all-volunteer endeavor. We first opened our doors in the basement of Leaven Community Center in August of 2013, and we have been glad to have loaned kitchen tools in support of many food projects and community events over the years.

Some tools have moved to the community kitchen at Alder Commons on NE 42nd and Prescott. These items are available to Alder Commons members, and other community members and neighbors may contact them about borrowing tools. 

Other items have moved into the Leaven Community Center's basement kitchen and are available to Leaven members and renters of the kitchen.

Some tools remain in the Kitchen Share NE closet as we work to find new homes for them. If you are part of a community project that could use cooking, preserving, or serving equipment, or if you are interested in starting a new kitchen library for N/NE Portland, contact kitchensharene@gmail.com with any items you'd like to request.